What is GPS system

GPS is the navigation based on U.S. radio navigation system to provide people worldwide with free continuous positioning, navigation and PNT service. As you get a receiver, you are provided with location and time by the system. GPS can provide all people in the world with accurate location and time information in all climates and during the day or night. GPS consists of three parts:

  • satellite in orbit around the earth
  • monitoring station on the ground
  • receiver held by users.

America has a responsibility for developing, maintaining and operating the space and control rooms.

The space part includes a satellite group. The GPS satellite transmits signals that can be recognized and received by the receiver in space. Each receiver can display the time and position in three dimensions, including longitude, latitude and altitude. The world monitoring station is the control part. It maintains the satellite is working properly by sending out the order all the time. At the same time, it will also regulate the satellite clock. In addition, it also follows the GPS satellite, downloads data enhanced navigation satellite group and keeps running in an orderly manner.

The GPS receiver is the third part. They receive signals from the satellite‚Äôs position and work in three dimensions and PNT through information received. With a Walkers GPS, the user can easily acquire a good knowledge of their precise position and find their destination, regardless of when they are on foot, by car or sail. Walkers GPS has become a mainstay of walkers everywhere.

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